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Deleting Leveled Lists And Save Stability

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This actually pertains to an Enderal mod but i still think this is the correct place for my question since its similar to its Skyrim counterpart.

Most of the mods i installed for that game had to be scrubbed clean of certain Skyrim records in order to avoid a boatload of unresolved errors, mostly those associated with Container, Cell and Worldspace records.  I did all this before starting my actual play through in order to eliminate the chance that it might mess up my saves.

Unfortunately, i realized today that one mod (a skimpy armor replacer) somehow slipped through the net and might very well be a ticking time bomb in my load order with all the unresolved references it contains.  I'm not only talking about the regular records i mentioned above but also more tricky stuff like leveled lists that seem to serve no purpose.

This is the dilemma i'm facing right now.  Do i take the risk of breaking things by removing those broken records, leveled lists included, in an existing save or do i leave well enough alone which could mean that sooner or later my game is going to become unstable?  For what it's worth, i'm fifty hours in and i have yet to encounter a crash, infinite loading screen or other game breaking bug.

Long story short, what would be the recommended course of action?

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If this is you asking if you should edit your save with some kind of tool, the answer is a solid no. The save format is not completely decoded yet and there's a lot that goes on in there that nobody knows a thing about. Any tools created to edit this data are acting on unknowns, which is never good.

What you need to do is make sure that you only use mods specifically designed to work with Enderal on Enderal installs, whether that be for Skyrim LE or SE. Enderal has removed numerous records across all types and in many cases replaced them with new ones. Form IDs from mods not built with Enderal in mind will not match up, and as you've found, that leads to CTDs and save corruption.

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