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Skin tone changes?

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Asking in general, but have a specific case.

I'm re-checking my personal list of plugins, before starting a new run with SSE Engine Fixes. Hoping this will allow me to actually finish the game someday....

One of the USSEP changes to [0001B078] Urog is 13 Skin Tone (6). When I copy this change, then load and save in the CK, it reverts this. I've been unable to find an entry in the Version History.

Although this probably isn't a crashing issue, still wondering how it came to be? What is it fixing?

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A lot of those skin tone changes you find in the texture list of an NPC is noise generated by the CK. We typically ignore it since it has no impact on the NPC in the game. It tends to be futile as the CK will just keep saving it again later.

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