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Wrye Bash for Skyrim LE

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I recently started using Wrye Bash for Skyrim LE in conjunction with Vortex and LOOT.

I run it separately because I can't get it to work via the Vortex Interface.

It was working fine... until today, when it wouldn't start up.  the error message told me to post the following on this thread:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bash\bash.pyo", line 249, in main
  File "bash\bash.pyo", line 412, in _main
  File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4240, in Init
  File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 4275, in InitData
  File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1817, in __init__
  File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1319, in __init__
  File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1411, in _initDB
  File "bash\bosh\__init__.pyo", line 1314, in _initDB
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1680, in __init__
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1448, in load
  File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 793, in open
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: u'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Skyrim Mods\\Bash Mod Data\\Table.dat'


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One more time for old times sake :)

The last line is telling you what is wrong.

Have a read of the Wrye Bash description https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840/

Just before Version History it says ..

Remember! In Windows Vista and up, don't install Skyrim Special Edition in the Program Files folder due to User Account Control!
See Also File Permissions

When you are using steam, it also defaults to installing your games in the Windows UAC protected folder, Program Files

So to resolve this :

Uninstall Wrye Bash (If you used the Wrye Bash Installer as advised, you will find in the Start menu a Wrye Bash entry, expand it and choose the Wrye Bash Uninstaller)

Uninstall your games

Uninstall Steam

Re-install steam, but this time choose an installation path which does not fall under Windows UAC control, say ..


instead of ..

C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\

Install your games

And lastly using the Wrye Bash Installer install Wrye Bash again which will now have all the permissions it needs to do what it does, because Windows will not be putting a leash on the dog.


Someone will probably suggest just disabling UAC .. Bad option imho, but its your computer, do as you will.

Someone may point out there is an easier way of moving your whole steam library which will circumvent the need to uninstall all your games and re-install them again - This will save you some time if you follow all the steps to the letter .. Unfortunately its been so long since I had steam installed or Bethesda games I have forgotten the details ..

.. Cue another friendly helper :) Good luck.

Edit : PS There is a dedicated Wrye Bash topic here 


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