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Napoleon Total Factions (3.5.1, 3.6.1)


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I once mirrored these mods on TAL, but sadly TAL was shut down and all work I did there is no longer available except for the OP (no pictures).

http://web.archive.org/web/20190404092939/http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/forum/466-total-war-games/ - check the subforums

I can only offer support for the most common issues e.g CTD, installation, gameplay etc.

All other questions, no requests for updates can been made, needs to be posted on TWC (check first HusserlTW's modding work for the mod or tool you're looking for then post your question in the right thread/forum).


All credit goes to HusserlTW as the original author.

Download Napoleon Total Factions

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Hi Leonardo,

I just downloaded the patch for this. However, anytime I click on a singplayer campaign in the .exe, I get this error: See attached file below.

This used to run fine on my old laptop, but since I have upgraded to a gaming pc things do not seem to be working out as well. I even set it to Windows 7 compatibility since I know the ETF mod now requires that.


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Welcome to AFK Mods, EliRob! :banana:

That indicates you haven't installed the 3.6.1 update yet and I assume you're using NTF 3.6.1, so extract the archive into the Napoleon Total War\data\NTF folder and overwrite all files when prompted.


I have always been able to run ETF on Windows 7 without using the Windows 7 compatibility mode, so no ETF doesn't require that.

But ETF do requires to be installed in the Steam folder and not outside of Steam, otherwise ETF won't work properly.

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Hi! Please help me out with this! After I installed the mod, when I choose ''All emergent'' afterwards Romania and click on ''Start'' it crashes. Any idea why this is happening? :wallbash:

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