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When does the game choose between Hired Muscle or Trouble in Skyrim?

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Hello everyone :wave:

I am wondering when exactly does the game choose between the Hired Muscle or Trouble in Skyrim quests from Farkas once you join the Companions. From the testing I've done, it seems the quest you'll be getting is already locked by the time you start the encounter with the Giant in Pelagia Farm (or, if you skip that part, when you speak with Kodlak for the first time). At this point, it seems you will always get the same quest type and even the same objective (person to beat/dungeon to clear). I can see in the Creation Kit that this quest (CR04) is related to the quest Take Up Arms (C00), which has the Start Game Enabled variable checked. In the quest aliases of this quest, I can see there are references to later Companions quests, such as those involving the Glenmoril Witches and even Ysgramor's Tomb.

Could it be that the game makes the decision on whether to give you Hired Muscle (CR04) or Trouble in Skyrim (CR05) at game start?

Also, another question I have: can you even do Hired Muscle if it is not your first Companions radiant quest?

By the way, I am using the latest version of USSEP (v4.2.4b) and no quest mods.

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