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Papyrus cant "callback" when saving


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Hi, Hoping for some help here with TES v Skyrim SE . Having read the "sticky" I noticed a section about VM freezing etc and nothing to worry about but I am having a regular CTD whenever I move into a certain area (Battle-born Farm) Looking at my Papyrus logs each time the only consistent lines that are regularly a the bottom are...

[09/30/2020 - 08:06:52AM] VM is freezing...
[09/30/2020 - 08:06:52AM] VM is frozen
[09/30/2020 - 08:06:52AM] Saving game...
[09/30/2020 - 08:06:53AM] Error: Attempting to save callback that cannot be saved
[09/30/2020 - 08:06:53AM] VM is thawing...

I have been trying to enable/disable mods that are mentioned above these lines (using their Load Order No's) but still the CTD happens.

If you need the full Papyrus log then am willing to supply it. Hope you can point me in the right direction to ease my frustration.



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Your log tells quite the story of mod conflicts and things that should not be happening in a working game.

First and foremost, it appears you're using mods that expect the Creation Club marriage additions to be in place but they're not there and your log is screaming about all of the missing properties as a result of that.

Second, something has severely screwed up your weapon racks which are also missing critical information.

Third, you have a bunch of stuff there at the top that's trying to bind scripts to objects which are not of the correct type. Which means whatever that mod is trying to do won't work at all.

And lastly, before we even reach the section filled with actual execution errors, you have clear evidence that mods have been uninstalled from the running save. That's a death sentence and you're seeing the results of that now. Papyrus isn't even able to tell you why the callback can't be made, but my money is on something you ripped from the game that it can't find anymore.

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10 hours ago, Hanx said:

I am having a regular CTD whenever I move into a certain area (Battle-born Farm)

Exactly what Arthmoor said.  NEVER uninstall a mod that has Papyrus scripts in SSE.

Unless the author provided a safe uninstallation method like the More Hotkeys Please SSE patch mod.

So, I suggest that you check every mod that touches the Battle-Born Farm by using SEEEdit.

Another thing you can do is to check the LOOT log for errors, but if you're not on PC then read the description for the mod and quite often it has information about how to troubleshoot an issue.

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Leo, even if a mod author supplies a method for "safely uninstalling", don't do it. That's going to break just as badly. It's NOT POSSIBLE to uninstall scripted mods, or several other types as well, without permanent damage to the save game.

This isn't Oblivion. There is no such thing as a clean save anymore.

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9 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

This isn't Oblivion. There is no such thing as a clean save anymore.

We're not even in Skyrim anymore. Skyrim SE has something detecting that scripts have been removed, and on load says the save is corrupt. Scripts for some objects that don't exist anymore leave trails in the papyrus log that (unlike removed variables) never go away.

Yet it is not consistent. Activators can be removed safely. Markers can be removed safely. Quests can be removed safely. But removed packages used by the removed quests somehow have their scripts in some permanent list.

While CK2 will automatically add currently used scripts to the archive list, every modder has to remember to include some scripts in the bsa that aren't used anymore. It is a royal PITA.

We really need a community effort to decode the save files, so they can be cleaned. Possibly harder than the datafile decode effort.


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7 hours ago, Leonardo said:

So, you are saying that the only thing to do is to scrap everything and start a new game.

That's exactly what he's saying. If you decide to remove a mod from an existing saved game, then you have to take full responsibility if your save stops working.

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Thanks for the posts above, it helped immensely (even though I am still learning [slowly] so a lot of it is over my head).

I installed a New copy of TES and all of the CC content, cleaned the "dirty" plugins with SSEEdit, (strange how all the dirty ones were from "official" CC and Bethesda) which left very few loading reports in Papyrus.

The original "Battle-born Farm" problem was caused by "Valkyrja Castle" mod (thanks Leonardo) and the Weaponsrack errors were caused by "Valkyrja Manor" mod (Thanks Arthmoor) - Both mods consigned to the Do Not Use folder.

It appears that the original "callback" issue is actually a MS Windows function and therefore nothing that Papyrus can get around but it still reports it but doesn't seem to affect game saves.

The errors reporting about OBIS and Prettier Bandits was easily resolved by actually installing both mods and simply ignoring them in-game so the Papyrus log now look a lot neater and my OCD is satisfied.

For me "good practice" means using Loot AND running FNIS when installing/uninstalling any mod, and even when starting a new session. I also found it helpful to delete the "meshes" folder from FNIS outputs when visual glitches occur at the start of a game. Once I have a stable Load Order then I use racemenu to create a few named character profiles and save each one for any further testing of mod set-ups (i.e. trying out "Bruma" or "Legend of the Dragonborn" and since I am using MO2 this keeps my vanilla Game reasonably "clean"). Thanks for all the advice my friends. Kudos to all.

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