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Suggestions for an increased spawn mod.


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After playing Skyrim for some time I wanted to populate the spawn points with some more "fluff", just so to make the world a bit more alive. Since Oblivion spoiled me with the MMM mod that pitched monster/human faction fighting among themselves in droves (a pack of goblins fighting a pack of ogres while being attacked by bears and hunters arrow-volleying them all in a forest), Skyrim feels empty by comparison.

And so I embarked on the quest to find the best increased spawns mod for the occasion. My search yielded a few results:

  • The Populated Skyrim series
  • Increased Enemy Spawns SSE no-scripts
  • Genesis - Dynamically Increased enemy spawns and loot

From what I gather, the Populated series and Genesis are script-heavy which lead to some odd behaviour from what users' posts claim. Also Genesis touches loot leveled lists and other things that aren't inherently necessary. Increased Enemy Spawns SSE no-scripts just adds a multiplier to what is spawned without touching anything, without touching the animal/beast spawn behaviour.

Since I don't use Script Extender, I don't have any mods that depend on it. Mods that touch AI/spawn behaviour I have are: Diverse Skyrim that randomizes the race of spawns, Immersive armor/weapons that randomizes leveled lists of spawns' loot/gear and Dawn of Skyrim that changes the walled cities interiors and NPCs,

And so I ask, which of these mods are best suited to my modlist and is more compatible with the mods I have? Do any of you use mods that make Skyrim a bit more alive? Any suggestions are welcome! :)

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Populated series is not script heavy. Most of it is added spawn markers.

Genesis has loot feature that dynamically adds (from form lists) to containers (even empty ones). Not sure if it alters leveled item lists at all. Also, the scripts are not 'heavy' more of a 'medium.'

Sands of Time (Ultimate Deadly Encounters) - is the best dynamic spawn mod there is! (yes, I'm totally biased in this opinion being a co-author) it uses SKSE64 though so does not fit your requirements. (will also use JContainers if I ever finish the MCMenu upgrade I'm working on)

All three of the above (by the way) are managed by TonyCubed2 and the SoT Team :)

OBIS SE - Organized Bandits In Skyrim is also the best most awesome mod with dynamically increased bandits - if you are into that sort of thing. Again, totally biased opinion on that as well. If uses SKSE64 only for the MCMenu though - you could get away with using the book menus. (actually I wouldn't mind knowing how well it worked without skse)

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