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UFO4P Crashing at Concord

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Not sure if anyone here would be willing to offer some insight, since the most common consensus I see is "UFO4P doesn't cause crashes". However, on a new game, mod free save (downloaded from Nexus to use as test bed for mod installs), I am now crashing whenever I get close to Concord, always right after the XP increase audio plays. I have tried several different player profiles (using MO2), I have reverted to default .inis, I have re-downloaded UFO4P in case it was a corrupted download, and I have reinstalled the game. Same issue. UFO4P is the only mod I currently have in load order.

If needed, here are my current specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
EVGA RTX 2060 Super

Load Order.jpg


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Many crashes in Fallout 4 seem to be related to using up-to-date NVIDIA drivers under WIndows 10. Details are discussed in the thread of the "Buffout" mod. Start reading the posts from the end (i.e. oldest first) and you will soon find more information:



The problem is apparently not really a driver issue because the drivers obviously work well with other games, and even with Fallout 4 if different operatng systems are used. It is soecific to the Fallout 4 / Windows 10 combination and thus something that likely needs to be fixed by Bethesda.

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I assumed that you were not using Buffout. If you're plagued by frequent crashes, consider using it as its crash monitor may give a lead to the real culprit. There's some guess work involved though, so it will not always provide useful information. In the first place, you'll have to make sure that your crashes are repeatable on your end (i.e., that they occur repeatably when specific operations are carried out). Also note that it's not a standalone crash monitor but includes a dll with engine fixes, and that may cause glitches on its own.

In my own game, the only mods I'm using in addition to UFO4P are Better Settlers, dDefinder's physics tweaks and a settlement building limit uncapper. With this combination, I don't get any crashes, at least not repeatable ones. The game does still crash occasionally after extended times of playing (say, > 6h without interruprions) or if I have to reload too often within a short time interval (i.e. the typical situation where you need too many trials to fight a hard boss on a high difficulty level), but these crashes are never repeatable: if I reload after quitting to desktop, they won't reoccur.

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