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[REPOST] Cell ... is not in exterior cell data


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[Lost with recent DB reload]

Cell (-9, 18) in world 'Tamriel' (0000003C) is not in exterior cell data.
Cell (-8, 19) in world 'Tamriel' (0000003C) is not in exterior cell data.

After fixing some navmesh near Movarth's Lair, this has appeared in my CK2 warnings. What does it mean?

These are MovarthsLairExterior04 and MovarthsLairExterior02 respectively. Along with MovarthsLairExterior01, they are in MovarthsLairLocation.

MovarthsLairExterior03 is not in any location, probably a bug (but no warning).


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I've finally figured out what causes this error message. When I was building some pathing, I'd dragged the xmarker across cell boundaries. CK2 did add the cell header to the file. Since nothing was placed in the cells, so there was no change to the Location membership, CK2 didn't add the cell's Location to my file.

For some odd reason, xEdit doesn't remove the empty cell headers with no temporary items as ITM anymore; presumably because they contain changes from Update.esm that aren't in the Hearthfires.esm.

Removing them by hand fixed the problem (or at least the warning messages).

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