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CK(SE) make sharedinfo moves wrong INFO


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SharedInfos are voiced response lines used in more than one place, so that they didn't need to record the same lines over and over. Simple enough concept.

However, make sharedinfo on an existing INFO creates a new INFO, then moves the new INFO into the sharedinfo list, and points the old INFO at the new INFO. That means the voice line would need to be re-recorded for the new INFO formid.

Fixing requires xEdit. Swap the formids.

  1. Find the original INFO.
  2. Select change formid, control-C copy the original, change to any low unused number such as xx000888 (anything less than the next object id in the header).
  3. Control-click the DNAM response formid. (Write down that new response formid.)
  4. Select change formid, control-V paste the original formid.
  5. Go back to the unused number, and change it to the new response formid.

Load up the CK again, check that it now is voiced.

Also, a second CK bug is make sharedinfo doesn't clear the number of response lines. Go back to the now renumbered INFO, and re-select the same named response. That clears the number properly. (Or do it in xEdit, but I'm always worrying that the CK is doing something else we don't know about.)

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