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Papyrus optimisation and potential of save corruption

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Hi everyone!

I am making a mod (actually still same that I was making in 2019) that have few quests with lots of scripts and aliases and many lines of code. And so it happened it has lot of variables too, and while I am aware about Skyrim's bug related to save corruption due to too many variables/properties, I want to know for sure how to do it the best way.

Is it any safer if I use arrays for storing data?

My mod requires a lots of nodes, which arent ton of persistent objectreferences but instead arrays of float with coordinates (I have chosen math magic!). Those arent too many, but each referencealias has their array of last few "tail points" and stuff like distances/iterators for some stuff, watchdog counters for unstucking etc. It is not excessive but considering all instances of scripts may contribute close to 1000 vars or something.

So are vars any better than properties? And what about arrays?

And I do use fix by Meh321, but nevertheless I need to do mod right.

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