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Disabling health regeneration


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I've played Skyrim LE and I was kinda annoyed by the Call-of-Duty health regen outside combat which made all consumables/food and low-restoration magic being useless. Now that I'm on Skyrim SE, I want to make my playthrough exactly like my Oblivion and Morrowind one: with no health regen.

I DON'T mind if both the in-combat (which is negligible) and the outside-of-combat passive health regen will be disabled, I just don't want to passively heal at all, so much so that it becomes a nuisance and that includes waiting or fast traveling.

I DO mind though that the health regen due to sleep, or other gameplay sources remain intact (such as the argonian power).

I found that instead of modding with a no health regen mod, a command can be used to do the above, but I don't know what command affects the health regen to meet the above restrictions.

Of the three:

modav healratemult -100

setav healratemult -100

forceav healratemult -100

which is the best suited for what I intend to do? TIA

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Hi Bambacha, what I'd do is a little mod that periodically checks, and adjusts the health stat as per player's combat status. Or, periodically imbibe a custom slow Weak Lingering Poison which negates the regen.

Using the console modav might be the best in the instance you are sure there aren't any game/mod scripts dependent on the unmodded health values. :)

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Thanks for the advice! To my little knowledge, the only mod i have that I know of that is dependent on the unmodded health values is the Creation Club Survival mod, which touches health values dependent on climate effects on you (mildly cold, severely cold, frozen, frostbitten) and lowers the total health accordingly on top of blocking up the total percentage of health. On top of that, it has the no health regen I want to have in my non-Survival playthrough.

Thing is, I don't want to play the survival mod because it is unrealistically overbearing on the magicka/stamina/health. 2 minutes of not eating and you start losing magicka fast, 5 minutes of not sleeping and you start losing stamina, being overburdened takes away all your stamina, carrying capacity is dropped down for all races, etc. They didn't design the survival mod as intelligently as Fallout:New Vegas and, for me at least, isn't enjoyable to play.

I'll try your suggestions and see what I can make of.

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