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Is a stupidly low quest reward considered a bug?

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The DLC2ThirskFFHalbarn quest is : Bring 10 Stalhrim and 15 Ebony Ingots to Halbarn.

The value of Stalrim is 200, Ebony 150

200 * 10 = 2000

150 * 15 = 2250

total value =>4250

what's the reward you get?

according to the wiki its that: level left; gold right













I finished this quest at level 115 and got 1200 gold

but the problem is that that’s much lower than you could get by just selling the Ingots to a merchant

especially if you really just get 250 gold at level 1-9.

I know that earning money isn’t hard but it’s just so low…


I would suggest adding 2000-4000 gold to the reward to balance it out.


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That's not a bug though. What you're asking for is a balance modification which is not what this project is for.

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