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Guys ..

Anyone using the new GOG Galaxy 2+, if you haven't had an email today :

Download GOG Galaxy 2 manually, and install it again.


Apparently there is a version which updated us from the previous version, which will not update again.

If you want to check, go to the Settings Icon top left, and have a look at the changelog.

If you are not on version 2.0.15, then you have the version which is stuck and cannot update itself!

Bloody game clients, why should we worry. Rhetorical :P


Edit : Note link has been changed above - Read this post for more info

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Thanks alt.

Looks like mine auto-updated to 2.0.15 and the changelog says "fixed launching GOG Galaxy upon autostart", which makes me wonder why I got a notice when I booted up my PC this morning that "Gog Galaxy could not launch because its already logged into another account on this computer" (something like that). It was an odd message to say the least, because just now when I opened it to check version its logged in as me like normal.

Anyone else have issues?

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Mine updated about 5 days ago from 1.nn (cant remember the old version), to 2.0.14, but would not auto update to 2.0.15 so the manual update was needed.

So I guess 2.0.14 is the offending version.

I haven't had any auto login message issues .. But I don't allow it to start with windows (disabled in settings), so would not see anything similar as windows boots up.

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Apparently mine was among those stuck on 2.0.14 and wouldn't even update to 2.0.15 until I did it manually. I got the email too and thought it odd since it's out of character for GoG to send notices like that.

I've been using the 2.0 beta for some time so I don't think this is related to them taking 2.0 live recently either.

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I'm a bit more suspicious of this now .. The link in the email was to download it from https://www.gogalaxy.com/en/

But if you go to GOG.com, click About, and choose GOG Galaxy, that link takes you to https://www.gog.com/galaxy

The download from the first link does not give a version in the filename

The download from the second does have the file version in the filename

I'm going to change the link in the OP to the one linked on the official site, and not the one that came in an email ..

I'm wondering if GOG have been hacked, and someone is making use of this new software and email contact list to get nefarious exe's on customers machines.


Edit : Disregard the above concern, a moderator on GOG Forums has confirmed both url's and the email are official, see this post ..


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Even if it had been fake, I did what any cautious user should do in this situation. I went to their website and downloaded it from the link provided there on the page. Which gave me version 2.0.15 of the client.

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