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Web Server Changed

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Just a general heads up to all you forum goers. I've thrown Apache (the web server program) under the bus due to difficulty trying to get it to behave after enabling http/2 support. In its place we're now running on top of Nginx. I'm sure most of you really don't care, but it's got the potential to have left stuff broken in unknown ways, so please keep an eye out for anything weird.

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Take it you don't have the time to build it from Apache's source code, mentioned here. Looks like others had a similar issue- have you come across this workaround?

Posted on another page here with the user drop down list for a new user, and the keyboard arrows didn't work in the message field at all. This @Arthmoor, works fine here, so looks more like an transient board issue in any case.

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I was able to get http/2 to work in Apache and php-fpm was working too but the big problem was that it was throwing garbage in the logs and every single bit of information I was finding was pointing in circles. Usually that means nobody knows what the solution is. I thought I had something when I found the proxy override for errors or whatever but that just led to a different form of trash in the logs. I'm sure it seems anal or something but logs are worth their weight in gold and when they have nothing useful to say, they're a waste of processing time.

So I figured I'd give ngnix a shot and it's done everything I've asked of it without being cryptic in getting things done. Sure, I had to piece together the setup from about a dozen different sources because the documentation is as bad as Apache's, but it all works now and apparently the site has become snappier as a bonus.

I'm not sure what you're referring to with the posting issue but that sounds more like an IPB problem than anything to do with the back end.

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