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Personal Companion Mod No Longer Working Ingame

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Hello community,

Having been absent from Skyrim Special Edition modding for quite a while, I just picked up my few personal mods again in order to set everything up a brand new playthrough. :teehee: Luckily after such a long time, all of my personal files appear to work out just fine ingame, except for my little companion NPC who refuses to appear ingame under any circumstances (console commands etc.). :cry: I do remember having deleted its individual face meshes when I intended to pack the whole thing up in its finalied state just before I had to quit gaming until now, however not even back then did I know why exactly this caused it to stop working, seeing other companion mods with their custom resources come with merely that FaceGenData face mesh file alone as well. :|

Maybe someone may be willing to take a look at my little piece of work, figure out what's broken and get it working again? Thank you in advance for any advice! :unworthy:


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I'm no expert with these things but after loading the mod into the CK I can see right off that there are big problems:

1. The CK can't find the assets for her body mesh. So when looking at where she's supposed to be in Riverwood, all there is is a big red error triangle.
2. Putting her outfit onto a vanilla NPC doesn't work - all the polys are exploded - but the assets themselves can be found and displayed, even though it's a mess. Which I would guess is expected if a vanilla NPC tries to wear the outfit.


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