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BAIN Freezing, or wip-build not starting

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WB - Wrye Bash 307 Beta 4 - Standalone Executable-6837-307-beta4-1569537232

BAIN loads, little window with ‘Older Plugin Record Version’ pops-up, upon closing this, BAIN window still open, but freezes, and click to ‘Installers’ tab does nothing, nor can I scroll within ‘Mods’ tab window. It’s Not just slow opening, I have left it alone for over an hour and it still wasn't open The title bar stays grey, doesn't highlight.

After explicitly following the instructions  (a couple of times) on “https://github.com/wrye-bash/wrye-bash/wiki/[github]-Reporting-a-bug#the-bashbugdumplog ” to get the BashBugDump.log, the BashBugDump.log is empty.


WIP-Builds - Wrye Bash 307.201912301901 - Standalone Executable

Does Not start.  the BashBugDump.log is empty.


WIP-Builds - Wrye Bash 307.201912271431 - Standalone Executable

Does Not start.

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