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Running FNIS in Wrye Bash


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Skyrim SE

System: Win 7

Wrye Bash version: Wrye Bash 307.201903311313 - Standalone Executable

User: Noob to Wrye Bask (a Whole 4 Days experience)


I am going to be using Wrye Bash as my mod organizer. I've never run Skyrim SE (or any game) since I started using Wrye Bash as my mod organizer and began creating my new build.


I’ve also never used Wrye Bash before, I just want to learn how so I better understand it's abilities and uses.


I just ended a gruesome battle with FNIS ending after a post here in AFK that would’ve saved a LOT of frustration if I’d seen it two days ago.


SPEAKING of FNIS... Is there a way (or do I even need one?) to add GenerateFNISforUsers as an executable in BAIN as is possible in MO2. I ask because I see one for SSE+SKSE64, or will running it from a shortcut on my desktop accomplish what’s needed?

Do I need to run it from “within” Wrye Bash?

I just thought of xEdit, is the same applicable to it?

WB BAIN Pix.jpg

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