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Issue #25519: Farengar Odahviing scene ?

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Link to Issue #25519

I know this has been closed but I noticed something that might be relevant.

The MQ303 where their interaction takes place has Farengar in an alias but it is not marked with Allow Dead. USSEP does not edit MQ303, only the script fragment... The QF_MQ303... that USKP changed checks for the alias reference IsDead() But, if he is dead and the alias is not filled then .....

How would that fail ?? As an alias not filled or the IsDead check failing with false meaning alive. ?

I looked at my setup and am confident that USSEP is only instance of those scripts.
Also, I did the MQ303 quest long after the Mephala quest where Farengar was killed. So filling those aliases happened after he was dead for sure.

I could be wrong of course but just wanted to bring it up

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Hmm. Yes, I suppose you have a point there. If the alias is unfilled then I guess it's going to return 0 just as if it was and he's dead. I wish their scene system would just not play something if a principle actor in it is dead.

Anyway, will fix this and close out the ticket as such.

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