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Fallout 3: Accidentally cleaned DLC files.


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I was reinstalling Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas recently along with mods and when it came to order the mods, I fired up LOOT to do the job. LOOT suggested to clean some mods, but to my absent-mindedness, not only I cleaned the mods, I cleaned the DLCs too. I did that only for Fallout 3 before I realized my horrible mistake.

Here is the Fallout New Vegas LOOT:


And here is the Fallout 3 one:



Seeing that I'm using mods that utilize the DLCs' esms, would I have a problem with the DLC? I read somewhere that mods that are based on DLCs demand the uncleaned DLC esm to work properly. Do I need to reinstall Fallout 3 again or am I in the clear?

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