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Like in the title, soon the premiere will have a new Fallout and it is worth being ready, especially since the hottest discussions about FO76 are going on now.

When I started this game I collect everything, table desk and other junks. That was fun to scrap all items and balistic fibers :-) buy now I'm full and I have no free space in my stash - co what can I do with all my items, weapons, meds, chems? It's clear, the only way is sell this in some marketplace. But when I tried to sell this on fb community, then all agreed only for exchange for caps and other weapons. I'm not so sure if it's great for me. But I'm pretty sure that it is safe and it's illegal and against TOS :-) So I sell and buy all power armors and weapons for real money 

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Thank you

it is good for me and my family, cause money from sold items goes to our homes and our wallet. So it's strange and it's something new, but I am brave and I need this weapons and armors. Tell me baby, what's your story, where you bought your t60 power armor and energy weapons?
It's clear for me and everyopne who's played Fallout 76 https://odealo.com/games/fallout-76

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