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Kingdom Come : Deliverance


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Kingdom Come : Deliverance

New game (well its been out for a while now) that deserves a good look and a recommendation imho, especially for the fans of Bethesda games who dabble in immersion enhancing mods.

And please ignore the reviews on Steam and GOG so far, they were accurate at time of release, but the game has been pretty well patched since and deserves all of those reviews being wiped and start again. Patching is ongoing, and v1.4.2 is just about to be released.

Look for the more positive reviews and you will get a better picture of this game.

Its Skyrim without Dragons or magic. Medieval Bohemia (Circa Czechoslovakia), and a bit of an education. The story is well written, but the gameplay is even better. I tend to go for a bit more realism in games without getting too heavy in the micromanagement of food needs, so there are aspects to this game I thought might put me off a little .. I was wrong, I love every little detail of this game.

Combat starts out feeling a bit like a fish out of water, but soon gets a grip of you, and is the best combat mechanism I have ever experienced. And there are a lot of aspects which need skills you learn and develop along the way. To start with you will feel like the most unlucky player character ever :), but persevere and like a good book you will become hooked on this game.

There is an introduction part to this game, and then you will see more credits and then start the game proper .. Just getting through the introduction part is quite long and a big emotional pull on the heart strings.


Highly recommended imho.

Spooky FX (AKA Duke Patrick) pointed this beauty out a long time ago when it was in a Kickstarter, so glad he did.

Recently Fireunduhb also made a modding site dedicated to modding this game, and Nexus also supports the game

Get it :


On Steam


Official Forum

Reddit discussions

Steam Depots (first indication of updates being developed / testing)

Also search for Daniel Valva on twitter, he usually posts any new info pretty quickly there.


Bug reports email with DXDiag to Support@kingdomcomerpg.com


There are still some poor reviews which could also do with a revisit by the journalists after all the patching work that has been done so far.

And a lot of user complaints which I think can mostly be attributed to having old mods files / config files installed which need to be redone and updated to be compatible with newer patches of the game ..

.. Yep I am a strong fan of this one and biased, but I dont think it is honestly being given a good appraisal at the moment and a lot of people could be fairer if they revisit and edit what has been already written. The most recent patch 1.4.1 was rushed and shot themselves in the foot introducing some new CTDs, but patch 1.4.2 should solve those. The game is running fine for my machine anyway, and most quest related issues have been squashed. Its a bit like Bethesda games but this company cannot rely on the community to do their work and get away with it, Warhorse are being a lot more attentive trying to get the game into a very good state squashing all issues and reports.

Do yourselves a favour and give it a good look at :)

German Gamestar gave it a re-evaluation of 85%


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The IGN review I think is a pretty good description of the game http://uk.ign.com/articles/2018/02/17/kingdom-come-deliverance-review

The performance issues have been smoothed out since.

Personally I dont think Warhorse have quite got to grips with the CryEngine well enough yet, so room for improvement in the default settings or tweaking your own .. It works smoothly enough and in good quality on my laptop anyway so I am happy to not tinker about with those for a few patches yet.

I just hope they earn enough to be able to continue the development and the second part in the form of a DLC.




Some research that went into the game 



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"but the game has been pretty well patched since and deserves all of those reviews being wiped and start again"


Hardly. Release of games on a sub par state should never be ignored or forgotten. Reviews about it should serve as a reminder to the developers - the consumers are aware.

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Yeah I get that, but the thing is all of that is now not a good representation of the game it has become in so short a time, so a lot of people may overlook this gem because of out of date opinions. I mean look at an AAA game company like Bethesda, the amount of bugs they always leave behind over the last 12 years and get away with it, Todd laughing all the way to the bank while the community fixes his mess for six years after each game, heck Arthmoor still puts out an occasional update to the Unofficial Oblivion Patch, that game was released circa 2006.

And who's to say how many of those problems experienced are not due to old mod and configuration files messing up the game, and not actually a problem with the game itself, but the user unwittingly making things worse ?

Or old patches and saves which really should have been kicked into touch and a new game started - See this post

This kickstarter group (with far less of a team than a big well established game company) and who bet their livelihood / family welfare on the outcome of the reception deserve better purely for the effort they are pouring into it to make it a success.

See the German Gamestar re-evaluation I just linked at the end of the first post, and the Epilogue video in the second post.

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I wouldn't worry too much about that, they sold a million units only on Steam shortly after the launch.
Even if people who are deathly scared of bugs end up not buying it, it's already a huge commercial success. They've already announced they're doing DLC next, etc.

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1 minute ago, DSeyka said:

~ They've already announced they're doing DLC next, etc.

Ah good news, I havent seen that yet. The follow up to this game is going to be highly anticipated by me at least :)

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I'm very interested in the game but read about some bugs at release so I'm gonna wait until a sale before picking it up. But from what I've seen it's very much worth buying.

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I've been keeping an eye on this gem as well. It is definitely a gorgeous game, and even prettier than a heavily modded 4K Skyrim, out of the box. I'll wait for the big Summer sale on Steam.

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Picked this up at launch, it's got some really good stuff going for it but right now I'd put it in the same bucket as No Man's Sky; it will probably become a very good game, but you might need to wait a year for all the major bugs to get sorted out. The biggest one I've had (that has ruined three playthroughs until I decided to stop playing) is save bleeding Morrowind-style, where getting some kind of a temporary stat debuf and then dying, reloading, etc, can permanently apply that debuff to all of your save files. Ick!

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I'm sort of in agreement with the comparison with No Mans Sky, but on a similar timescale this early on in its development post release day NMS was waaay worse than Kingdom Come, Warhorse have turned out a game in a much better state with pretty much everything they said would be in the game, NMS was a shock not only in terms of bugs, but also the amount of stuff missing from what we believed we would receive.

Both companies though have put in a stirling effort to rectify the situation, and Warhorse being in a better place to start with than Hellogames have been able to turn around the shortcomings quicker.

I am also very keen on No Mans Sky so even though I would be biased to defend it, versus KCD it had bigger issues from the start, but also a lot less team members. NMS I had pre-ordered for day 1. KCD I only bought it recently so have not been affected by any legacy bugs a lot of others have experienced.

That save bleed bug sounds bad, but again its not something I have had yet, maybe its because I have started fresh with no saves or config files affected by older patches? (I am also not modding the game .. yet. Giving the patches time to mature first and everyone time to catch up with those afterwards - Maybe a year down the road).

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  • 2 weeks later...

NVidia Drivers version 391.35 WHQL released on Mar 27th, now have optimisations for Kingdom Come Deliverance



What’s New in Release 390

This section summarizes the driver changes previously introduced in Release 390.

For these release notes, new items are documented under What’s New in Version 391.35 WHQL.

Game Ready Provides the optimal gaming experience for

• Far Cry 5

Kingdom Come: Deliverance,

• War Thunder,

• Black Desert Online,

• Metal Gear Survive, and

• Fortnite, including support for ShadowPlay Highlights in Battle Royale mode.

• Sea of Thieves



And version 1.4.3 of the game is supposed to be this week sometime.

On a personal note - Warhorse have now addressed the five issues I sent them detailed emails about. They replied personally too for each one :)

People still seem to be having old issues which were fixed, but having started a new game with patch 1.4.2 I'm not getting any problems. They may still be using old mod files which need updated too .. or they may just need to start a new game, who knows.


With the new NVidia Drivers I am going to delete the old settings files too so the game re-detects how it needs to setup correctly for my system as it is now.

C: \ Users \ <Username> \ Saved Games \ KingdomCome \ 

heh, I just found out thats where this game keeps its screenshots too :)


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A bit delayed but 1.4.3 hits the streets today at 15:00 GMT, for all platforms

Patch 1.4.3
Fixed issues:
• Cutscene after the completion of the quest Questions and Answers should trigger properly.
• Rattay armorer should no longer get stuck in an infinite sleep behaviour.
• Perfect block no longer spins player or NPCs.
• Player with an equipped bow can be dismounted.
• Player can no longer lock on a non-existing opponent.
• Fixed a bug with an instant game over in the Trial by Fire quest.

Known issues:
• [Rare] Attacking stops working.

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  • 5 months later...

Another update is up on GOG

Not a big update, but its a nice addition to the base game :

"You can now continue the romance with Theresa without the need of owning the DLC: A Woman’s Lot"

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Patch 1.9.2 - July 18th

  • Fixed a rare bug in which a few cutscenes were missing.
  • Fixed a rare glitch during combat animation.
  • Fixed amount of money paid to the guard during arresting.
  • Fixed a rare issue when failed evade didn´t interrupt fast travel.
    – Band of Bastards DLC –
  • Fixed the crash after dialog with Kuno during second patrol.
  • Fixed the dialog options when Stone steals the ring in the quest Ring of Bacchus.
    – A Woman’s Lot DLC –
  • It is now possible to acquire lock-picks from Fritz even when you complete the side quest for Johanka by stealing the trunk key.
  • Fixed French and German dabbing in several cutscenes.
  • Missing French and German voice-overs added.
  • Broken models and graphics after finishing Theresa’s story should appear even less frequently. Saving & restarting the game will fix the issue.
  • Fixed the black screen with UI prompts after finishing Theresa’s story.
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  • 3 months later...

My one major complaint is the eat/drink/sleep mechanics. I swear if I had known the game had that before I bought it, I wouldn't have. Now I guess I'm just going to have to mod that out, or strangle the rates at which it builds up if it won't let me disable it entirely.

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:) Yeah similar for me, though I do like better immersion, the eat drink sleep is a shade more than I like initially. Same with survival mode on No Man's Sky, although with that game you get beyond a certain point of more inventory slots / resources / units received and survival gets easier. In both games cases though I got used to it and love both of them for the long term challenge which makes you feel like you have achieved more so they are more rewarding (a bit like the feeling you get when hiking up mountains in Wales and Scotland, its a haul getting up there but the feeling at the top is something else and well worth it). I think the timing of some of the combat moves in KCD will also feel a little bit like a chore for people coming from games like Skyrim, but for me that side of enhancing the immersion is something I always craved in bethesda games, which is why I always went for Spooky's mods (Duke Patrick).

It was Spooky who mentioned the development of KCD back on the old Bethesda forums which got me looking out for KCDs release and development.

Edit : Forgot to mention in this topic .. KCD 1.9.5 released. Last couple of patches have been minor fixes, I think the game is probably now as good as it is ever going to be.

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I'm reserving judgment on the combat mechanics. I've managed to win what few fights I've been in so far but it seems like a hell of a chore, but I also only just figured out how to properly draw my sword so next time I won't be trying to beat down someone wearing armor with my fists :P

Horse riding could use some improvement too. It's pretty clunky, like in Witcher 3, but it gets the job done if you're used to Witcher 3 horses.

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That escape you have to do at the start of the game, I did the horse run about five times before I eventually noticed the text tip for double tapping the shift key to gallop. It was driving me nuts before I saw that, I must have been concentrating on looking for possible different paths to take so much that I was blind to the text tip popping up. That was my first getting used to the game play through, I later found out it also helps if you choose the horse with the light coloured tail which is a bit faster than the others :rolleyes:

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Heh, it would have been helpful to know if one horse was faster than the others. Fortunately since the horse UI was basically a ripoff of Witcher horses I reached for the double-tap without thinking about it. But just as with Witcher, if you suck at horse riding, you end up in a ditch because you ran too fast and timed a turn wrong. Luckily it only took me 2 tries to get down that road. I'm not really sure I'd have put up with it much longer than that.

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v1.9.6 has been released on GOG, I think the following is what has been patched:

  • Korean language pak
  • update of several textures
  • minor update of music

PS Patch notes for 1.95 just included one fix

Modding of tables is fixed


If you have all the DLC its now 56.1gb O_o

(thats without the High res texture packs and audio enhancements)



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Now if they'd just make the survival mechanics optional so the game could be enjoyed properly instead of bogged down in a never ending cycle of eat-drink-sleep.

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