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I'm trying to give more personality to the Stendarr Order on Skyrim. I was a little disappointed with the end of the Dawnguard questline, since it almost disappear while the Dawnguard order patrols the lands just like a "forever know" arcane guard group.
The objective of the mod/project, is to give more importance to this historic order, with a little questline and some unique equipment (weapons, armor and even artifacts if I'll have enough time); planning the reconstruction of the Pale base as a keep to guard a relique, with a questline just like the old construction Ravern Rock of Morrowind (the hard part).

For now I've only create some base equipment/idea:



tHo6Rtv.jpg Judgment, the Vigilant Tolan personal sword concept/wip.

1300054-1485164666.jpg  Pentolar helm, more medieval-hospitalier look.

XLwhxMv.jpg Order uniform / armor, still need some texture works, such some iconic reference just like the Ankh or the calice.


Hope my patience will let me end this, in any case any suggestion or "ancient" knoledge reference about this order is welcome.

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Thank you both! Not too much free time today, so I've started to implement some old raw weapon model made years ago and buried on my hdd.





Still uncertain for the pommel, but I'll make again some parts with a new texture set for sure.

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