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In need of assistance: converting mod to SSE


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Hey all,

with the recent development of SKSE64 I was trying to convert my mod 'Bound Armory Extravaganza' to SSE using the guides here and here.

However, when trying to pack the new archive after converting the meshes with the latest SSE nif optimizer, the process aborts with error messages from the mesh files.

Would any of you kind souls be willing to lend me a hand and take a look at what is wrong with my meshes.

Thank you very much, to whoever has the time and skill to get to the root cause of this, since i'm afraid i'm lost at this point, since my mesh skills from the get go have been limited to dabbling with nifskope.


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Thanks a ton, I feel stupid now!

Error message was:

"Unable to write to file

C:/temp/something something

point to random mesh file that was being packed"

Had nothing to do with the mesh in the end, I needed to run the CK as admin (shoddy programming if you asked me).


I'll be back in a minute, if more issues crop up :D

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