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FOMOD Documentation Released


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Ganda has released documentation for the FOMOD format, as well as a FOMOD tutorial. This is in addition to his previously released FOMOD Validator tool.

Project link here, direct link to documentation here.



Ganda's original comments from the Reddit thread:


The link to the project home and the direct link to the documentation itself.

I've written a tutorial on creating fomod installers for mod creators. This tutorial is not exhaustive even though it should be enough for 95% of people. If you're part of the 5% that need that little extra, there's a Tips and Tricks section where some more specific things are discussed and a Specification section where the formal structure of the installer and its files is talked about.

I've hosted this documentation on github to make this a community project - everyone is welcome to help and contribute. The documentation is entirely written in Markdown (much like reddit's comments and posts), making a github account is super easy and quick and I've even added a section on how to contribute to the project's readme. Adding to the tutorial, adding more tips and tricks, even typos, any contribution is welcome!

Hopefully this is useful to you guys and happy mod making!


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