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Merged Plugins Standalone


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I'm wondering if it is possible to use the merge Plugins standalone (Nexus 69905-2-3-1) to merge the ESP files after they have been added to a WB307 project created from a monitored installation?

I'm testing with using the feature to create a project which includes all of the current videos available for VOTW as a single project. Project creation worked perfectly, The question stems from realizing that all of those esp files can be merged into a single esp. But I'm having issues getting the Merge plugins standalone configured correctly I believe. Following Gamer Poets video, I'm realizing that I'm having integration issues.

If someone is already using this program with WB307, and FO4, I'd appreciate a quick heads up on paths and integration. Specifically Papyrus integration, and manager paths. I have a feeling I'm missing something very basic, but I have no Champollion De-compiler, or Papyrus flags path (no source files to extract) and as a result I can not activate the script fragment handling check box.

(Damn shame everyone ignores poor WB ... there should have been a check box for it like NMM and MO)


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WB doesn't require any special integration because it installs mods directly to the data folder and doesn't have mod folders outside of the data folder.

The papyrus integration requires you have extracted the sources archive which comes with the CK, the Champollion Decompiler, and the PapyrusCompiler (which also comes with the CK).  The documentation covers this in details, so I suggest you read it.

GP's video is good but isn't able to go as in depth as the documentation.  I believe he recommends reading the documentation in his video if anything is unclear.  You should take this recommendation.

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Will do and thanks. I have the decompiler installed, and the paths updated to the data folder. It appears my issue is with the CK. I have it and use it, but my version after cleaning and re-installing the game is there are no script files. I'm presently trying to validate the CK (and running into bethnet issues)

I'll get it sorted. I'm still just learning to really use WB to it's potential.


The issue is solved ... Validating the CK corrected the issue, I was missing the source files.

Thanks again

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21 hours ago, Mator said:

Glad to hear your issue was resolved!  :)


Hi again Mator

Well not 100%, I  am having what amounts to a minor but troubling issue I thought was resolved with 2.3.1 ... Masters /DLC ordering in the MP plugins screen. As you can see from the pic WB is fine, the Plugins file matches perfectly, and I'm just not sure what to do with the a ? automatic re-numbering ? I am registered on your server, and fully updated. The only missing tool is BSAOpt (which I haven't used - I'm set up to extract). The program works fine as far as telling me what I need to know in order to merge, and I made 2 merges already with no issues, and no errors to resolve.

I'm writing a how-to for the downtrodden folk in the trenches (having fun:) on using WB as a primary manager with NMM as a simple installer/fomod reader, and using Remote installation monitoring to allow ignoring the fomods. So far everything worked fine except for the exceptions list in MP ... I'd like to sort that out before I post the installer pics.

I'm not sure if this would be considered a bug, or Avrie shot his foot again. I'll be happy to update a bug report, if this is something new... didn't want to go there until I checked it wasn't an obvious noob error 

I did read through the PDF in docs end to end ... well written BTW. And thanks for bothering with an old noob learning new tricks


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Hey, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  This is a known issue which you can fix by adding the FO4 DLC esms to the top of your plugins.txt file manually.  Merge Plugins was never updated to properly "fix" the load order of the DLC ESMs, so it doesn't know how to place them (they are omitted from plugins.txt, for some reason)

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