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I have a mod that needs to re-use existing topic voice files, and so I've updated the existing ones to shared, and used them in the new dialogue. However, copying the .fuz files to a voice folder for the new mod doesn't seem to be working. The CK seems to expect a .wav, and want to re-make the lip sync. Anyone have experience of this, and know how to proceed? Most of the dialogue I'm re-using is already shared, and poses no problem as the game finds it in it's original location, it's just for the newly shared exceptions.

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I've recently rediscovered this problem, and posted a resolution here. This is a CK2 bug. It assigns the sharedinfo a new number, leaving your new reference at the old number.

Using SSEEdit, you need to renumber your new reference, then renumber the original back to its proper number. The shared voice files (and lips) match the original number.

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