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fireundubh's Generate Bash Tags.pas script and TES5 Skyrim

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I copied this file, "generate bash tags.pas" from Esserbee's guide for FNV. The script mentions it's compatible with TES5 and therefore I ask you guys, is this the best way of generating those bash tags for Skyrim plugins? Is there an alternative? What's the best way of doing it? Should I always inspect each plugin to check if all needed bash tags are set? Thanks!

Link to Esserbee's guide, relevant section on generating bash tags where the script can be downloaded.

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Yes fireundubh's script is actually an attempt to improve on anther script that I think ships with xEdit.  It works very well and I've never had any complaints about it, but it will not add or suggest tags for all plugins, but it could be argued that if it doesn't find records for tags then the plugin probably doesn't need tags.  IIRC it works with just about everything except FO4, but I've never personally used it with FONV.

It will only work on one plugin at a time.

I hope that's helpful :)

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