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Mother's Comfort and Mage Armor

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I've been unable to register on the bugtracker, or could not find how.

I've been unable to locate anything related by searching the forums and the tracker for "love", and for "mage armor"

Mother's Love or Father's Love is supposed to boost healing spells and potions.  With Sailor's Repose, the description of my Grand Heal spell changed from 300 points to 330.  With both Sailor's Repose and Mother's Love, my Grand Heal spell stayed at 330.  I'm sorry, I do not know how to test if this is only in the description or the actual effect.

Having three ranks of mage armor should change ebonyflesh from 100 armor to 300 armor while wearing no armor.  While casting naked (including jewelry and ammunition), the description of the magical buff stays at 100 armor.  Again, I do not know how to test if this is only the description, or the actual effect.  I also do not know if this change is supposed to be dynamic, or rather, if I cast wearing armor, and I take that armor off, I do not know if the spell should change to 300 armor, or if the cast has to be done while naked to achieve the enhanced result.  I also cast over an existing ebonyflesh spell that was cast while wearing armor, if that could block either the effect or the description change.

I do use mods other than usleep, but (from looking at them in tes5edit) nothing that changes these perks, spells, or magic effects.  I use skyui, which shouldn't change the descriptions, but does change the ui.  I use Troy1010's improved armor formula, but that changes how the armor rating is converted to damage reduction, and has no effect on mage armor perks (again, tes5edit).

I apologize in advance if my lack of modding knowledge, and total ignorance scripting and of the creation kit, has impeded my ability to research this.



Thank you guys for all your hard work.



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