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sandboxing question in fallout4

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Workshop Sandbox Layers specifically. Can anyone help with some information please?
I'm looking at mods which open up buildings - specifically in Hangmans Alley, not looking to do one there myself just trying to understand how these things work for future reference. 
Is is possible to have more than one workshop primitive with a sandbox layer in any given cell linked to a workshop? I'm looking at the one there which covers the small sewer trader area underneath the main settlement, its underneath the building extended by the mod I am looking at. If that primitive gets extended would it not confuse the settlers? If it doesn't get extended is it possible to put another one above it and link it to the workshop in the same way as the main sandbox primitive?
I'm curious as some people seem to have this particular mod working with no issues and others don't and the only thing I can see affecting it, that would be different to any other mod affecting settlements, is these sandbox primitives.
I guess I am asking if there are constraints to how many and how these are used. Any information gratefully received :)

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