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Clean navigation mesh map info

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Hello. Skyrim SE. For exaple i deleted few navmeshes and get errors in ssedit in navigation mesh map info 00012FB4. I know that merge in runtime. But how i can clean navigation mesh map info in ssedit manually or by the script out from deleted references of deleted navmeshes? Sorry for bad english.

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I know about resaving mod in CK. But plugin what i mean is a skyrim.esm. I deleted test worlds in skyrim.esm and get error about navmesh reference in navigation mesh map info. I loaded it in active mode (make it skyrim.esp or renaming, for example) in CK. Loading take much time, but successful. When try to save, CK working few minutes and crash. But this is different theme to discussion. Are you trying save skyrim.esm/skyrim.esp in CK?

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