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Wrye Bash on the issue

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I follow the tutorial to do when the encounter can not continue the steps.


The original words are as follows:


Once you have completely finished editting your esp file, if the original hair mod was an esp file, you will want to make your follower mod dependant on the original esp file (and not on the esm file you've created as nobody will have that file but you!) To do that:

  1. Open Wrye Bash again
  2. In the Mods tab select your esp file
  3. On the bottom right section, you'll see the Masters section with the list of esm files your esp file is dependant on.
  4. Select the esm file that contains the hair you've used from that list (say OK if you see a warning message) and right click on it.
  5. Select the Change to ... menu item from the drop-down menu and an explorer window will appear: select the esp file that contains the hairs you've used, and press the OK button.
  6. Now you are back to the Wrye Bash window and you'll see that your follower esp file has the hairs esp file as master.
  7. Press the Save button under the Masters list to save the changes you've done to your plugin.

Now your follower mod depends on the original hair esp file.





I can only get this right-click.

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