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Angrenor Once-Honored Dying

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Angrenor keeps randomly dying in my game for no reason whatsoever.


I searched online and many others report his same demise with no reason for it.


No dragon attacks nor vampires.


Seems like a bug more than a scripted event. Can't understand why they would make a script to kill off a marriage option and in a random fashion.


He is also supposed to take over the Aretino Residence and dies on me way before he can do that.

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Unless something changed in SSE, I've never had that happen before. Angrenor is still alive in my old saves from the original version of Skyrim. Pretty sure there's no script that kills him either. He's always taken over the Arentino Residence just fine in my game too.

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Try this. Start a game go to the city and give him gold to be his friend.

Let the game sit and pass time in the city for a few days or run in and out of buildings exploring them like I did.

The courier will run up to you with a letter of inheritance. At this point I could never find his body! Using Open Cities.

If it doesn't happen to you please call me crazy!

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  • 2 years later...

It's never happened to me with Angrenor... but I have had Nilsine Shatter-Shield, and Niranye the high-elven merchant/Thieves-Guild fence, both die unexpectedly on me. In Nilsine's case, I found out right away because I got the inheritance letter, having become her "friend" after solving the Blood On The Ice murders: in Niranye's case, I didn't realise until I went to sell something to her, found her not there, then went to her home and found her not there either.

In both cases, when I did used the following console commands "tcl" and "player.moveto" to their refID, I discovered their body floating in the air somewhere underneath Windhelm.

Perhaps there is a glitched spot somewhere in the city of Windhelm where it's possible for someone to fall right through the floor if they step on the wrong point, and Angrenor, Nilsine and Niranye just respectively happened to land on that particular point in your game and mine? I wonder if it's related to (a) the fact that I was also going into and out of doors, and (b) the fact that sometimes when NPCs are going up stairs it looks like their feet are sinking into the stairs rather than stepping on them, and perhaps if you leave or re-enter the area at exactly the wrong moment while said NPC is doing that, is that possibly anything to do with why they fall through the floor?

A second time Niranye disappeared, and doing a "player.moveto" on her refID brought me to a small, cross-shaped room containing a number of dead named NPCs (most of whom I'd killed myself, with the exceptions of Roggvir who is executed in Solitude, and Susanna the Wicked who is murdered in Windhelm), plus a still-living Malborn (who had not even come into the game yet). I assume this is the game's "limbo" room where certain corpses go after they're cleared out: and that Niranye had fallen through the floor again and died, and that this time it had happened long enough ago that her corpse had been cleared out of the game. Selecting her and typing first "resurrect" and then "recycleactor" seemed to work to restore her to life, since I had no recent-previous save in which she was alive and didn't want to go back a week.

(No, she too had not been killed in either a vampire or dragon attack. In Nilsine's case I had seen her, in broad daylight, only a couple of minutes previously, before entering Sadri's Used Wares to sell goods. When I came out, she was gone, and I'd been trying to go talk to her to see if she had anything to say about Muiri - she doesn't, but I didn't know that.)


[EDIT] Wow, this bug report is old... didn't realise it was this old... however, it happened to me with Niranye only last month, so I assume it's still a thing that can happen?

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