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Bug in Bug Tracker

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I am unable to create new ticket in bug tracker. Simple placed reference bug report for USLEEP. Been getting these error messages:

Notice: Undefined variable: conf in /home/afkmods/bugtracker/includes/class.backend.php on line 1081 Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Config' not found in /home/afkmods/bugtracker/includes/class.backend.php on line 1082
Error #3: Repeated action, redirecting to main page.

Started appearing no less than 12 hours ago. No problems with creating bug reports before that. Nothing changed on my side.

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Thanks for a quick fix!

Too quick in fact. After I posted I went to "clear cookies" and went to post the report again - it worked. I then went to edit this in the post above and then it didn't want to accept the edit! Then I saw your unreal fast fix only to realize it wasn't a cookie issue. Geez.  :wallbash: hehe

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