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Hi. I have been experiencing a bug in fallout 4:


In the blind betrayal mission, Danse becomes enemies with the brotherhood of steel if you keep him alive, i kept him alive and decided to join the Railroad, meaning I destroyed the Prydwyn and ended the game with that faction. I went back to Listening Post Bravo and wanted him to be my companion, however, when i interacted with him, there was no response! My character would spout: "Excuse me, paladin danse?" and Danse wouldnt reply, I couldnt access the trade menu or engage in a conversation. It would be amazing if you fixed this, as Danse is my favourite companion and it is a damn shame that Bethesda blocked me from engaging with a former companion who is enemies with the Brotherhood because I am enemies with the Brotherhood!! There is no logic! It would really enhance my and others' experience with the game. Thanks :)

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