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[FO4] Mods that may screw up your workshops

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For some time, I had the following issue with my workshops: NPCs at my settlements were permanently changing appearance; when out of sight they dd apparently unload and a eventually, a different NPC would show up instead. At times, they did unload (i.e. disappear) in front of my eyes and a different NPC showed up a second or so later. Preplaced NPCs (e.g. the initial Sanctuary settlers) and companions were not affected though.


I have been running the workshop scripts in debug mode for quite some time now, and inspection of the logs showed that every in game created NPC received an OnLoad event every 5-6 seconds. Since the OnLoad event on WorkshopNPCScript runs a fair bit of code, this issue costs tremendous performance.


Since this never happened in vanilla FO4, it was quite obviously caused by a mod, and when I started a new game a couple of weeks ago, I threw most of my mods over board and the problem was gone. With a little more time on my hands now, I gave it another try. My first suspects were Better Settlers and similar mods. While browsing the bug reports for those mods on the Nexus, I found indeed a couple of reports describing the same (or at least a very similar) problem. Mod authors are all vehemently insisting that this issue is not caused by their mods though.


Well ... they are right: The real culprits are some mods that remove combat boundaries. While editing the encounter zones, they (inadvertently ?) removed the settlement flag from all settlement zones, and this flag is what makes the difference.  I edited the mod to turn them back on and the problem was gone. When I load into a settlement, affected NPCs may reload one more time, but then never again.


So far, I have identified two mods with this problem, but there may also be others around:


"No Combat Boundaries" by mm137

"No Rubberbanding - Combat Boundries Companion" by nekollx

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