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Also, figured I might as well introduce myself here, since I've chosen AFK mods as my secondary community base.


Hi! I'm mlee3141, and I love writing in all of its mediums, as well as reading, listening to music, chess, movies, gaming, rethoric, poems, hiking, and long walks along the beach. Where modding comes in, I hate the actual techical side of it, and view CK work as nothing more than a necessary evil to implement my visions. However, I also see mods as having an immeasurable, intrinstic artistic value, and consider modders to be artists, in the idealized sense of the word.


I can be quite fiery and intuitive, yet always base everything I do on logic and reason. This might seem quite conflicted, but I always do what I think is right in the moment, using the prior as a guide, and most of the time, everything works out. I've also been quite active on the Nexus as of late, so feel free to PM me there (or even here) if you just want to talk. Thanks!

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