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[Skyrim] SKSE Diagnostics (Missing Content, Missing Masters)

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SKSE version 1.7.3 and onward support a new diagnostic function that will inform you if your load order is missing a master, and will tell you specifically which mods are missing when the game tells you it's missing content from a save. This feature hasn't been widely publicized and it's extremely useful for finding these kinds of problems for folks who refuse to touch Wrye Bash for whatever reason.


In the [General] section of Data\SKSE\SKSE.ini (create the file if it doesn't exist there) you can add this:



My file currently looks like this:




If all you want are the diagnostics, you don't need all the other stuff.


For a missing master, you'll see something like this:




For a save missing content, you'll see something like this:



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Oh wow, sweet.  I thought it was something along the lines of a log that eats up resources and accumulates a file like the script logger.  That certainly saves a trip to Wrye Bash to see what's missing whenever either of those cases happens.


It's strongly recommended to have the other stuff anyway, as one cauterizes runaway orphaned scripts (which has proven to be a potential bloatbomb source), and the other stuff fixes some glass memory ceiling problems.

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