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[RELz] Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches [UODP]


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Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches

By Quarn, Kivan, Arthmoor, PrinceShroob, and Sigurð Stormhand

The aim of this mod is to fix the bugs existing in the official mods released by Bethesda.

NOTE: These fixed plugins use the ESP master (aka mod de-isolation) method which means you still need the original plugins for these plugins to work! The plug-ins are not a redistribution of modified original Bethesda plug-ins, but contain only changes and have the original plug-ins set as masters. Because of this, these are not standard plug-in ESP files. Merging, editing or otherwise modifying them using the Elder Scrolls Construction Set or other utilities may cause them to stop functioning or cause severe bugs in your game! These plugins MUST load after the DLC's that they patch; reversing this load order, or activating the UODP ESP's without the official DLC's that they patch present, can cause Oblivion to crash on launch or load of a save. (The self-installing version will set the appropriate dates; use OBMM or equivalent if you use the manual version to adjust the load order.)

The UODP is currently not compatible with the JOG's Official Plugins Unnerfed mod because it modifies the original Bethesda plug-in ESP files. If you use the UODP overtop of Unnerfed, Oblivion may crash on launch. The UODP is compatible with S.M. Plug-In Refurbish (move the S.M. ESP's after the UODP ones with OBMM or equivalent.) If you use the Horse Armor Pack patch with Slof's Armored Horses, the Slof's horses' reins may disappear. Use dev_akm's compatibility patch instead.

It is recommended to not activate the Thieves Den' SSSB (Sigil Stone Sound Bug) fix plug-in "DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp" on an existing game, but rather only on a new game, as otherwise the middle deck of the Black Flag could lose its doors (as their position is stored in the save file) and/or any objects already dropped in this cell could be lost.

If you find any bugs with the fixes or any bugs with the official mods themselves please report them to either of us.


AFK Mods
Nexus Mods

Twenty-Sixth Release (2024-Jan-03)

UODP Fixes

  • Bash tags have been updated for each plugin. (Bug #32593)
  • For the Vile Lair patch, DLCDeepscornScript had a comment in the distance check calling for 1500 units when the actual code called for 3000 units. It should have been 1500 units in the code as well. (Bug #32829)

Battlehorn Castle bugs fixed (v1.0.13):

  • One of the doors in the castle gatehouse [xx013412] along with its door frame [xx1340f] were clipped badly into the adjacent wall. (Bug #32940) [NR]

Frostcrag Spire bugs fixed (v1.0.11):

  • The Spire cells should all be set to public music, which is how all the other player owned homes are set. (Bug #33080)
  • Calindil doesn't sell the Feather Shoes or Fortify Fatigue Pants because the DLC altered ownership on the items when the cell was transferred to faction ownership. (Bug #33044)

Knights of the Nine bugs fixed (v1.1.10):

  • Trailing spaces were removed from the quest stage logs for "The Path of the Righteous" [ND04]. (Bug #32946)
  • 00179df3, 00179df4: Columbine plants buried by the landscape alterations at the Priory of the Nine. (Bug #33145)
  • Highwaymen could greet the player with the sarcastic Holy Crusader greeting even though this makes little sense - and also blocks their attempt at robbing you. (Bug #33081)

Mehrunes' Razor bugs fixed (v1.0.9):

  • The Morag Tong assassin should no longer stand in place outside the Inn of Ill Omen once he gets there. (Bug #32907)

The Orrery bugs fixed (v1.0.8):

  • DLCOrrery directs the player to the Orrery console too soon. The check should have been set for stage 100 or later, not 40 or later. (Bug #32579)

Thieves Den bugs fixed (v1.0.16):

  • 0200EEA5: Door into Captain's Cabin that was detached from the wall.

Vile Lair bugs fixed (v1.0.12):

  • 0200134F: Unlootable claim moved outside of the tower it was originally in. (Bug #32996)
  • 020021CD: Floating barrel. (Bug #32964)
  • The 3 Purgeblood Crystal Formations in the lair were set to -1 inventory spawns which leads to a documented item duplication bug. Each container will instead respawn with 1 Purgeblood Salt inside as was intended. (Bug #32876)

The previous version history can be found here as it is too large to put in one post.

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  • 5 months later...

I posted on the nexus page, but I'll repost here for visibility, and in hopes of a swift fix.


I figured out what's causing the UODP fix for the Mystic Emporium to not work correctly. UODP makes a change to the upstairs interior door in the Mystic Emporium. The door is incorrectly set to be owned by "ICMysticEmporiumFaction", instead of "GenericOwner" (like the interior doors in all other buildings in the game). This causes the shop to never actually open, and thus blocks the locked door fix, as well as introducing a new issue where it is always considered trespassing when entering the shop.

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And I will quote my response to that post:


Setting the door to a different owner isn't an issue unless Calindil also isn't in the ICMysticEmporiumFaction, which he is in DLCFrostcrag.esp.

When an NPC unlocks their doors, they will unlock any doors they personally own (i.e., their base actor owns it), or just a door to an exterior if the doors are owned by a faction. The GenericOwner faction is Bethesda's solution to NPCs owning their doors -- they'd unlock the doors to private areas like basements and bedrooms.

However, if a door is owned by a faction, even a faction which an NPC is a member of, they won't unlock them unless they lead to an exterior.

There's no problem if the doors are owned by a faction, but what would be a problem is Calindil no longer being a member of that faction, such as if a later-loading mod (say, a cosmetic mod) is altering his base record.

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Version 23 of the UODP is now released. First post has the updated details. Enjoy!

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  • 6 months later...

Version 24 of the UODP has been released. First post has the details.

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  • 1 year later...

Hi! I have a Bash Tag suggestion if there's ever an update.


Add Relev to "Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp" to preserve the removal of the "Calculate from all levels <= player's level" flag from the "NDLL0ArmorHeavyBoots" Leveled Item list. The removal of this flag seems to correspond to the line " Fixed the leveling on the heavy Boots of the Crusader so that the player always receives the correct version for their level both from the quest and the armor stand at the Priory (instead of possibly a lower-level version)" in the change log.


Wrye Bash includes this leveled list with the flag in place in the Bashed Patch even if the only mods containing the list are "Knights.esp" and "Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp". Basically, unless Relev is in place, the change is reverted even if there are no conflicting mods. From reading the Bash Tag documentation, I gather that this is probably intended behaviour.


Just in case you're curious, "Knights.esp" itself does not have the Relev tag.


Tested with both CBash and PBash in Wrye Bash v307.201803112048 Standalone on a load order with just the official DLC and their respective patches in place. See the attached image for the PBash result.


The BOSS Masterlist has this Tag suggestion in place already, but it's not yet in the LOOT one. Regardless, having the Relev Tag in the file header seems prudent.


Thanks for your time.



Knights - Unoffical Patch Needs Relev Tag.png

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  • 1 month later...

I'm pretty sure that was done separately because it's not a safe addition to make in the middle of a save where you might have been there already. It relocates the position of pretty much the entire middle deck of the ship.

It's entirely possible this file needs to be looked at to see exactly why that's necessary. There may be a better way to go about this.

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It's been an age or longer since our last release :P

UODP v26 is now available. Details are in the first post.

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hello ia am intersted to ask you. What is your favourite TES game?



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  • 1 month later...

Concerning the Horse Armor official DLC, I recently noticed a couple of small things that might or might not be of interest:

For most horses, getting the message that the horse has returned to its original stable depends on the Mounted script variable being set. Because this flag is only set when first mounting the originally bought horse, and it is not inherited by later armored versions, most armored horses fail to give the appropriate message. Only the Chorrol horse is immune to this. Actually, the whole Mounted script variable in horse scripts is pretty much pointless.

Also, if you wish to avoid Snak gra-Bura silently flapping her lips for a while after you tell her that you will return with a horse you own, you could try using another Form ID for the relevant silent INFO record or changing the name of the topic it is under. The problem is that the original and irrelevant mp3 voice file has been renamed so as to not be used, but its lip file hasn't, so it does get used.

(In my very personal on-and-off hobby project of integrating essential patches and some other additions or fixes of my own into oblivion.esm, I have moved on to the official DLCs, after having integrated anything from the UOP/USIP that might get baked into saves, essentially anything but temporary references. And yes, I know perfectly well, that editing oblivion.esm willy-nilly is a recipe for disaster, but I also know how to do it without causing complications, even if fully understanding the dialogue system took some extra time and testing. And yes, I have to accept that my saves are not compatible with anything else. This kind of thing involves taking a very close look at how and why things gets patched, explaining my observations. Sometimes I may oddly enough get the spontaneous urge to bring them up, kind of like a public service announcement likely to be ignored. But truth be told, it is not really in my personal interest to see the unofficial patches possibly getting updated as a result, because I have already implemented any fixes, and I might then need to check whether some of the software for my project needs to be updated as well. Anyway, the unofficial patches are quite extensive, and my observations typically aren't game breaking enough to unequivocally qualify as bugs. I feel warm and fuzzy just for bringing them up. You can make note of them, if you wish.)

Edited by Aikanikuluksi
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  • 2 weeks later...

Concerning the Orrery DLC, two totally non-essential observations:

Sometimes, when the player is inside the Orrery (i.e. the cell is loaded in memory) and Bothiel enters it in order to go to her AI Package location marker, she can get stuck inside the antechamber. It seems that enclosing the antechamber inside a subspace can help to mitigate this, as then Bothiel's AI apparently better understands to use the dwemer-style doors to move further into the cell.

Bothiel has a greeting line "Welcome to the Orrery. I'm Bothiel, and the Orrery is my baby." that does not get used (INFO 04764D). It requires that the player is in the Orrery without having spoken to Bothiel earlier, which never occurs, unless one uses the console to skip over DLC quest stages. One could perhaps consider making this available in game, for example by replacing the "never spoken before" condition with the "Say Once" flag.

Furthermore, Bothiel's first greeting line in the DLC ends in such a firm "Good day" that adding a "Goodbye" flag to it might not feel entirely out of place.

Edited by Aikanikuluksi
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