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Blender 2.7.x + Set Up Preferences

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...Or ... how to set up new versions of Blender to look/act like v2.49.
Caveat: If you like the newer version default setup, there's nothing here for you.

It took me ages to upgrade my version of Blender. Mostly because the only .nif file format importer/exporter available was for version 2.49. Well, there's been a newer .nif plugin available for some time now, so it's time to make the leap.

If you're like me and have fought the trend with all the fireballs at your disposal because the newer versions are "so different", fear not. I'll explain how to get that familiar look and feel of 2.49 back as much as it can come back.

For this, I'm using version 2.7.1 but most of what I point out should also apply to higher versions and versions in 2.6.x.
The NifScripts for 2.49 WILL NOT WORK with these higher versions. Get the newest Blender Nif Plugin here. (2.6.0a0.dev4 alpha at time of writing, find download link in the spoiler) The plugin is still under development but does work for most things you need, and most importantly, for Skyrim meshes. Installing it is different than before. Follow the instructions here.

When you first open Blender you may want to run screaming under your bed, but stand strong. The new UI is actually very user friendly. But that's another tutorial. What I noticed immediately were the different default controls and colourings that I wasn't used to. This is what I wanted to change.




User Preferences:

Go to File > User Preferences to get the pop up window. I'll explain each tab in detail.

Interface Tab
These are my recommended settings;

The rest are optional. Use them if you want, you can always come back and change them later.
A little explanation of some of the new settings;

Python Tooltips = Same as a ToolTip but adds in the related python file information. Unless you really care about Python coding keep this off.

Large Cursors = Uses a larger cursor when available. When it's available or if it's handy, I have no idea.

Playback FPS = Shows screen refresh FPS while playing back animations. Not really necessary.

Global Scene = Forces the current scene to be displayed in all screens. Not really necessary.

Display Mini Axis = The mini axis is the little X,Y,Z coloured axis displayed in the bottom left corner of the 3D viewport render window. Apparently we can change it's size and brightness now. Default should be good but change as you'd like.

Manipulator = Did you know you can just pull one of the axis handles around during transform? It's neat. These settings will change the size of the display and grabable area of the axis. Change if you want.

Editing Tab
These are my recommended settings;

The rest are optional and/or just not necessary for nif work so I won't go into them.
The one setting that may be of interest is New Objects - Enter Edit Mode. Check this if you prefer to automatically be switched to Edit mode when adding a new object to your scene.

Input Tab
These are my recommended settings;

There are so many settings here, I'm not going into them. Most important settings, and the only ones I changed, are down the left side. Everything on the right side pertains to Key mapping settings. You can go through them if you want but I understand all the default Keyboard shortcuts we know and love are the same. If you find something different, you can come here to change it or find the new Keyboard shortcut value.

AddOn Tab
You'll be familiar with this now after installing the Blender plugin so I have nothing more to add.

While the new default colours are nice with a more darker/muted grey colour scheme, all the default colours are completely different than 2.49.

For example;
- Object Selected outline is now orange instead of pink
- Vertex Selected colour is now orange instead of yellow

You can get the exact same colour scheme of 2.49 back by opening the Presets box at the top and choosing it in the themes. This will also change the entire look of the Blender window to the lighter grey.

Play with settings and do whatever you like here. Try the other preset themes. I'm not going to tell you how it should look that's entirely up to you. I prefer the 2.49 look with some slight changes.

File Tab


Set up your Textures folder path (if you have your textures unpacked to a folder).
I also changed my Temp folder path but that was my preference.


When finished, click on Save User Settings at the bottom of the window. Close it.

Render Window View:

- Click View. In the menu, find and select View Persp/Ortho. This will toggle to Ortho view (what most of us are used to).
- Click View > Properties to open the Properties box (or use the keyboard shortcut N). This is now a vertical box that will open to the left of the right side menu bar that contains much more information than before. For now, scroll down to find 3D Cursor heading. Set all axis's to 0.0. Find Display heading. Beside Grid Floor, turn all the axis's on. To close this box, go to View > Properties again (or hit N again).

- Click View > Front view to align the cube to front view.
- In the render window, select the Camera then Shift+Select the Lamp. Move them to another layer to keep them out of the way while you work (keyboard shortcut M).
- I prefer a clean scene when I start Blender so I also delete the default cube object. You don't have to.

When done, go to File > Save Startup File. This is important to save all the changes you just made.

Now, the next time you open Blender it won't be so scary. :lmao: Go make things!




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This isn't quite a Blender help thread, but I'll see what I can do. What version of Blender and what version of Nifscripts are you using?

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