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Lip-sync; sneaking around the issue

Lord Garon

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First, I did search the forums and found nothing related.


A user on Nexus posted an observation regarding the lip-sync problem; if you're sneaking, followers do not exhibit the bug.


I did a quick test (don't usually have followers) and verified that my housecarls and an Interesting NPC follower (Amalee) did, indeed, "sync" up animations with audible dialog while we were in "sneak mode". At least to original game levels, IIRC (been a while for this bug). The poster's recommendation was to "fool characters into thinking they were in sneak mode while talking" (paraphrased). I don't think that's a workable idea, but thought that there may be something in his observation and it may be worth mentioning here. At least, a long time lurker was prompted to register and make a post about it.


I'm of the understanding that an official patch generated the lip-sync bug and the actual cause of it is unknown. Just hoping that the sneak-talk scenario (if verified by more than two players) might give a clue as to the cause and, of course, a UOP fix/workaround.


BTW, "Hello!" to all.







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Hi there :wave: Welcome to our little world. :)


One thing we know for sure, yes, the lip-sync issue was caused by one of the official patches, 1.8 I think? What happened and the actual cause of it, we don't know, although there's been many theories, and many many suggestions to "fix" it.


I'm not sure how one would even go about "fooling" NPC's into thinking they're in sneak mode. However, such a mod would probably be very intrusive and incompatible with most mods out there if it needs to touch NPC's. There just isn't the merging of records ability like we had in Oblivion. So it wouldn't be likely anything included in the USKP.


But, until the cause is known, this is just another speculation. Personally, I rarely ever see this bug, or at least notice it enough that it bothers me. :shrug:

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Hello Lord Garon and welcome to AFK Mods.


As Hana mentioned, the lip-synch bug is not something that the Unofficial Patch Project would be able to address. The issue was introduced with the Official Patch (1.9) and is game engine-related. Since Bethesda never got around to fixing it, the only potential solution at this point would be a SKSE plugin, which is something that none of us here or (as of now) anyone else in the community knows how to do.


As you may already know, the lip-synching issue is more noticeable for some people than others. There also doesn't seem to be any clear pattern to when it occurs and to which NPCs in the game exhibit the bug. The randomness of the bug is likely one of the main reasons why nobody has been able to pin down the exact cause and come up with a solution.

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Yeah, I'm pretty used to the dubbed-over style dialog by now. But, I think I actually smiled when Lydia told me about Thanes, in perfect synchronization.


Obviously, I don't understand the technical details. I just thought there might be something "different" driving NPC's in sneak mode that is absent/present in normal mode and changes the sync issue, like a different order of script function calls, or something. Was hoping this might be a good "hint", then again, had no basis for that other than wishful thinking.


Thanks, Hana, appreciate the welcome, and your time.


Whoops, ninja'd - BlackPete, thanks as well.

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That could indicate it's some kind of animation state issue, but I don't recall Patch 1.9 changing any of the NPC animation files. That might be worthwhile information for someone looking to make an SKSE plugin to address the issue. At least it would give them something to look for. Assuming the sneak thing isn't just a fluke.

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Hello, Arthmoor.


That was my, admittedly naive, suspicion when I read the Nexus post. I had asked the poster to provide info on any animation or skeleton replacer mods he/she had, but didn't get it before my OP. I wanted to test with a duplicate mod load and see if the "effect" changed with, say, FNIS, or a new skeleton. Still haven't got the mod list info. If a test with the original observer's mod load reveals anything interesting, I'll post it.

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I have often wondered what I am not doing that results in me never experiencing this problem.


I have no doubt it is a problem, a lot of people experience the same ever since the official patch which triggered it, but it has just never become apparent on my machines.


Things I use for comparison ( These are all used on two laptops and the home desktop ) :


ENBoost ( ENB Wrapper instead of Injector, not used with any ENB Graphics either )

SSME with default settings


But the above two have not been in use for long so have not always been a part of my setup with the official 1.9 patch


I load the game via the game launcher


Load order is very minimal, UPPs plus a few Arthmoor mods and a couple others I have determined never to have been touched with Snip over the years.


Other than that I have always stuck to pretty much machine generated ini settings with a few safe tweaks



Besides Load Order and setup habits, the only other thing in common with all three machines is they all have NVidia graphics cards, of varying capability.

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As far as I've heard, there's no definitive fix for the lipsync bug.


However, two other things broken by the v1.9 patch that may be related have been fixed: Player eye-blinking and the facial expression console commands that were broken by v1.9 beta pretty much at the same time they were discovered.


Try MFG Console: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44596/?


It also fixes the lack of a GameID on whatever is selected in the console and also displays some info that often is useful for diagnosis purposes.  It shows not just FormID but baseID, last module to alter its BaseID, and last module to place/alter the Ref selected.

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