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Restoration - Circle Spell duration


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In reference to a post someone made on the USKP Nexus Forum (#7095):


I personally noticed that the 'Guardian Circle' spell stays active in the "Active Effects" list for 60 seconds, but the "visual aura" (or circle) effect of the spell disappears after 30 seconds. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this or is it deliberate for some reason?


Also: I haven't really figured out how these spell durations and effects work yet (or are supposed to work) in the game, so maybe someone else knows if there is actually anything wrong with them or not.


Edit: Tracker ticket (Bug #17587)

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It is apparently caused by this: 

"inherit from spell duration spawn" 

It is not marked on the hazards. 


> CircleOfProtectionHazard 

> GuardianCircleHazard 

> GuardianCircleTurnHazard 


I make a fix to this, and to double-cast of Circle of Protection, just could not activate the connection of necromage perk with circles. 


If possible I would like the arthmoor put these changes in the unofficial patch, and remove the change in lifetime of hazard I think he did, kkkkk 

I say this because the first attempt to fix, I did this change in lifetime too, but this only changes the error place.

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