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[Morrowind] Cannot merge leveled lists into the Mashed Lists.esp!


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Recently I had everything working as intended and when Sharlikran posted this I got excited to try that out, so I did and got Yacoby's WMSA working.


However after a while I notice there were too many bugs, so I decided to back to my previous setup for WMSA and at the same time I also reinstall Morrowind twice.


But now I simply cannot merge any leveled lists into the Mashed Lists.esp with all of this mods installed no matter what I do I can't do that, which has never happen before.  Period! :wallbash:


Active Mods Files

_001_ Morrowind.esm
_002_ Tribunal.esm
_003_ Bloodmoon.esm
_004_ Morrowind Patch v1.6.3.esm
_005_ Book Rotate.esm
_006_ Better Heads.esm
_007_ Better Heads Tribunal addon.esm
_008_ Better Heads Bloodmoon addon.esm
_009_ TR_Data.esm
_010_ TR_Mainland.esm
_011_ XE Sky Variations.esp
_012_ 20books.esp
_013_ Arthmoors_Merchants.esp
_014_ Ashlander_Transports.esp
_015_ Skill Progress v2.esp
_016_ ASH 2.0.esp
_017_ New Lord's Mail.ESP
_018_ New Randagulf's Fists.ESP
_019_ New Umbra.ESP
_020_ md_magebane_replacer.esp
_021_ Glass Gauntlets 10.esp
_022_ Mana_Regen_v13.esp
_023_ telbranoramanor.esp
_024_ Dragonbone_Pauldrons.esp
_025_ Lost pieces of unknown armor - Class 04.esp
_026_ Balmora Lockpick and Probe Merchant.esp
_027_ Balmora Soul Gem Merchant.esp
_028_ ChaniBalmoraVendor.esp
_029_ The regulars - Sitting NPC's v2.02.esp
_030_ UFR_v3dot2.esp
_031_ vince_robe_drakescale.esp
_032_ vince_robe_haazheel.esp
_033_ Sleepers Robe.esp
_034_ CleanAreaEffectArrows.esp
_035_ CleanBitterCoastSounds.esp
_036_ CleanEntertainers.esp
_037_ CleanHelmOfTohan.esp
_038_ CleanMasterIndex.esp
_039_ ImprovedAdamantiumArmor.esp
_040_ The Sable Dragon 1.6 mmc.esp
_041_ Mills of Morrowind.esp
_042_ Better Bodies.esp
_043_ Clean The Apartment.esp
_044_ Ghostgate_Sactuary.esp
_045_ LOCH_Strider_Hovel.esp
_046_ Book Rotate - Tribunal v5.3.esp
_047_ Book Rotate - Bloodmoon v5.3.esp
_048_ TravelingMerchants_v2.2.esp
_049_ Thirsk Expanded.esp
_050_ Amulet of Icarian flight.esp
_051_ Book Jackets - Morrowind - BookRotate.esp
_052_ Book Jackets - Tribunal - BookRotate.esp
_053_ Book Jackets - Bloodmoon - BookRotate.esp
_054_ DM_DB Armor Replacer-Exp.esp
_055_ Better Clothes_v1.1.esp
_056_ Acheron's Camping Gear 2.esp
_057_ Passive Wildlife Vvardenfell.esp
_058_ Secret_Master's_Alchemy_Equipment_v1.0.esp
_059_ Clean GoodEngravedRingOfHealing.esp
_060_ Westly's Master Headpack X.esp
_061_ Master Index Upgrade.esp
_062_ Bloated Caves.esp
_063_ Better Balmora river.esp
_064_ Stalhrim Stuff.esp
_065_ abotWhereAreAllBirdsGoing.esp
_066_ abotGondoliers.esp
_067_ abotBoatsTR.esp
_068_ abotSiltStridersTR.esp
_069_ abotRiverStridersTR.esp
_070_ abotTRWaterSound.esp
_071_ Bloodmoon Vendor.esp
_072_ hidaway001.esp
_073_ Books of Vvardenfell.esp
_074_ BB_Grimoires.esp
_075_ Westly_Presents_Unique_Winged_Twilights.esp
_076_ More Better Clothes.esp
_077_ Uvirith's Legacy_3.2.esp
_078_ Graphic Herbalism.esp
_079_ Graphic Herbalism Extra.esp
_080_ Graphic Herbalism TR.ESP
_081_ Graphic Herbalism TR Extra.ESP
_082_ UL_Chess_Add-on.esp
_083_ UL_MWSE_Primus.esp
_084_ UL_MWSE_Companions.esp
_085_ UL_3.2_TR_SE1.5_Add-on.esp
_086_ UL_3.2_MWSE_Add-on.esp
_087_ Village of Mora Uvirith v1.1.esp
_088_ Redaynia Village.esp
_089_ Maar Gan Hut.esp
_090_ Wolli's_solthseim_MRM.esp
_091_ Dock Walkway_No Building.esp
_092_ Hlormaren - Fixed Dome building.esp
_093_ Salit Camp_Yakaridan Camp - Fixed Door Marker.esp
_094_ Mashed Lists.esp


So what's wrong have I miss to install something or do I need to either reinstall/uninstall *what*.  I've no idea what is WRONG no clue whatsoever. :shrug:


If that's important I'm running Python 2.7.3, Python 2.7 comtypes-6.2.0, wxPython (unicode) for Python 2.7 (included in the Wrye Python 08 package) in Windows7 Home Edition 64-bit.

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After I uninstall Thepal's last UMP and install quorn's MPP 1.6.5-BETA I was able to merge the leveled lists and I got this result.

Merged Item Lists:
  Morrowind Patch v1.6.5-BETA.esm
  Sleepers Robe.esp
Well that looks good doesn't it or does it?  As you can see I do have the Sleepers Robe.esp in my loadorder, so why didn't Wrye Mash merge the leveled lists for the Sleepers Robe.esp in the first place.
Also why didn't Thepal's Morrowind Patch 1.6.3b.esm have a leveled lists of items surely it must have, which makes this a little bit weird. :blink:
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