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Vortex of Time

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When darkness rules the day, and the three stand as one.

When Man and Mer face the might of the Eastern Star.

When the fool triumphs over the serpent, and balance is restored.

When the White City drowns under a tempest of raging waves.

When the fires of old roam the skies and shake the earth.

The knowledge of the Sundered Ones is unleashed, and the Threads of Fate lies upon the Last Temporal Traveler.



Vortex of Time Description

After being devastated by the Great Collapse, Winterhold is little more than a skeleton of its former self. The College still stands, yet its inhabitants are widely shunned and hated throughout Skyrim. Though the cause is unknown, this decisive event changed the future of Winterhold, Skyrim and the College. Many speculate the eruption of the Red Mountain was to blame, but there are some who suspect the real reason is far more sinister and deadly.

Savos Aren, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold did his best to calm down the Jarls following the Great Collapse, yet reason holds no sway over these hot-headed Nords. Perhaps the truth will never be known...

Until now. Join the Mages of Winterhold as they scramble to unravel the mystery of the Great Collapse, and face off against a deadly order of Temporal Travelers. Journey into the depths of an ancient Necropolis, defend Skyrim from the Dreamwalkers' onslaught, discover the secrets of Ancient Mastery, and travel back in time, to the summit of Vvardenfell, where it all began. Engage in an epic battle to restore history, and put an end to the Dreamwalkers' chaotic meddling once and for all!

Elder Scrolls... Powerful and sentient relics that predate Nirn, Aetherius and even Oblivion. They dictate the threads of time, fate and destiny. As such, they are powerful portents of what is to come, and what never was. Some use the Scrolls for prophecy, others use them to seek forbidden knowledge. However, a select few use them to ride the Currents of Time, repairing past mistakes and preventing future catastrophes.

Even fewer abuse the All-Sight granted by the Elder Scrolls. The Dreamwalkers are one such group, led by a shadowy master that seeks to drown Winterhold, and the rest of Tamriel under a tempest of raging waves. Their order has caused untold damage on history, and sought to master the power of the elements, as only the Dwemer could. But light can be found in the darkest places. One of their order, Zurin Arctus, foresaw what was to come in a glimpse of eternity. Nirn, stripped of Man and Mer, a planet where no life grows and all is barren rock.

Horrified, Arctus cast the Scroll away and took matters into his own hands. He attempted to warn the College of a coming apocalypse, yet lost his sanity in the Mists of Time. However, all was not lost. He saw in the Scroll a vision of a Hero who would save Winterhold, and undo centuries of chaos. Can you take the mantle of the Hero of Prophecy, and save Time and Destiny from destruction?

Welcome to Vortex of Time, an innovative Skyrim mod that rewrites the College of Winterhold questline. It features a brilliantly written plot, revoiced College Members (Tolfdir, Faralda and Savos Aren) that are fully integrated into Skyrim, and become available as followers and marriage candidates, four massive dungeons with unique elements and design, and fully changes and overhauls Winterhold to the glory it could have become.

This definitive mod explores one simple question: What if the Great Collapse could be prevented?

Vortex of Time Quest Overviews

1. Seeking Knowledge- The Dragonborn joins the College of Winterhold after passing an entrance exam.

2. Distant Whispers- The Dragonborn and Faralda investigates the ramblings of a madman.

3. Ancient Mastery- The Dragonborn and Tolfdir travel to Colundurans, where they discover a Dwemer specter named Kagrenac.

4. Veiled Visions- The Dragonborn must seek out a shade of Arctus, in the ancient Valaskir Necropolis, in order to locate the Elder Scroll.

5. Vortex of Time- The Dragonborn retrieves a vital Elder Scroll from a Time Vortex surrounding the College.

6. Temporal Chaos- The Dragonborn, and a mage of their choosing, must defend Skyrim from the Dreamwalkers' onslaught.

7. Dream Tempest- Savos Aren and the Hero of Prophecy journey back in time to unravel the mystery of the Great Collapse.

8. Never Was- The Temporal Traveler prevented the Great Collapse, saved the College's reputation, and discovers the revived City of Winterhold.

Vvardenfell Expansion Description


When the meteor Baar Dau crushed Vivec City so long ago, it triggered the eruption of the Red Mountain and razed the island of Vvardenfell. Little remains of the proud heartland of the Dunmer, save for Ald Velothi. A safe haven among a nation of strife, this tiny outpost houses the Dunmer Refugees who survived the Red Year, and chose to remain on Vvardenfell.

Shortly after the Great Collapse was prevented by the Temporal Traveler, danger strikes this star-bound town as a storm of meteors rain down across Vvardenfell. Can you right the wrongs of history, and expose the dark secret the Temple Canton buried so long ago?

Vvardenfell Expansion Quest Overviews

1. Glimmering Embers- The Temporal Traveler witnesses a strange meteor shower in Skyrim, which Tolfdir believes was influenced by something in Vvardenfell.

2. Cryptic Musings- The Temporal Traveler investigates an order of monks hiding out at Litilon Monastery.

3. Celestial Atonement- The Temporal Traveler journeys to the depths of Stygian Chasm, to locate a shard of Baar Dau.

4. The Ministry of Truth- The Temporal Traveler fights for the future of Vvardenfell amid the ruins of the Temple Canton.


Team Members
Writer: mlee3141
Scripter and Quest Designer: mlee3141
Level Designer: lemiman


Editor: faffman
Creative Artist: AlpineYJ


Testers: qwertyzeldar, WindWhistle, Mael, Garthand 


Voice Actors
Tolfdir- Ed


Faralda- Anna
Savos Aren-  Lyrahel
Kagrenac- Ed


Arctus- Ed
Dreamwalkers- Lyrahel, Anna
Counselor Feldryn- Belle101


Tandius Venenar- Chris


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This sounds really ambitious and exciting, thanks for posting!


I can only imagine this might play havoc with the navmeshing in Winterhold, but there are hardly any mods I know of that would have incompatibility issues.


Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

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Thanks! I'm relatively new to modding, but I consider myself an accomplished writer. I'll have to learn advanced quest design, among other things, to make this mod a reality.

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I am in dire need of a competent Level Designer to construct Colundurans, a Dwemer City/ Archive in the far north that houses the shade of Kagrenac, the last Great Tonal Architect. Let me know if you're interested, I shall respond in a timely manner.

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