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What Fliggerty has been up to!

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shmiggerty said:


Hi everyone! I know Fliggerty hasn't been around lately and I just wanted to share with you what he has been up to. (for those that don't know me I am Fligg's wife) So here's a link to it: http://robopaul.prediction.ninja/

In case you can't tell it's a robot Octopus that predicts the winners of the world cup. I know that most of you probably aren't interested in the World Cup but it's really neat to see. If any of you feel inclined please feel free to share with your friends and family. Let's help spread the word  icon_e_biggrin.gif Thanks!


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I wouldn't bet on that and Holland have just kicked out Spain from World Cup with 5-1. :X


France-Switzerland yesterday : 5-2  :X

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