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[Skyrim] Testing a new load screen mesh


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This is a quickie, but useful.


When making a load screen mesh, testing it is normally a pain in the ass. Who wants to have to repeatedly fast travel for however long it takes before it shows up, only to get a fleeting glance at it when it does?


The solution is relatively simple, and maybe slightly clever, who knows. Simply make a copy of the mesh in meshes\interface\logo\ and once it's in there, rename the actual file to logo.nif.


Then all you need to do is load the game. Your mesh will be on the initial menu as the background image. You won't get the benefit of the camera path behavior this way, or be able to spin it like a real load screen, but you can at least use it to adjust the size and rotation of your mesh in Nifskope until you get it where you want it.


The changes to orientation need to be made on the very top node, which is likely a BSFadeNode node. The translation, rotation, and scale values should be adjusted. You then have to right click on the top node and select "Transform -> Apply" before the changes will be detected by the game.

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There also is an option in the "match conditions" section of the load screen object form in the CK, which allows you to determine how often and in which conditions a load screen is displayed.


Or make a small mod that unticks the "display in main menu" flag on all load screens except the new one.




There also seems to be a load screen testing cell:


Don't know how this works, but I assume that this cell is configured so as to display only a specific preset load screen during transitions to and/or from this cell.

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The vast majority of load screens have no conditions at all, that proved in the end to not work.


"Displays in main menu" doesn't work for this either. Which is why the logo.nif trick is the only guaranteed way to go about this.


A test cell for load screens? Not even sure how that's supposed to work but worth checking into. Use of the MoveTo command has never displayed one to me thus far

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