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Does anyone know the "RCRN Tweak Guide" ?

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It turned out that it is this "guide" which recommends to increase the value of iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes in the Skyrim.ini in order to increase the game's performance:




This recommendation is irresponsible and close to a deliberate physical damage, since it has catastrophic consequences on the game's stability in situations where many scripts are running:




Whoever is responsible for this should be told some rather harsh words.

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Assuming it's mod related, RCRN comes back with this on Google http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/1875


I have no idea beyond that since I'm not using that mod for lighting. It's fairly old, so perhaps this Papyrus tweak was some old advice they gave out that hasn't been revoked yet. It's going to take this community years to recover from the various bits of horrible advice people used to give out to people when they were trying to hide their own incompetence.

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