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Where'd the hair go?


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So I've been using the mod Skully's Andreja Refreshed and noted that using the mod changes Andreja's looks, but her hair, which is just the vanilla hair, is gone.  So she shows up bald in game.  Seems there's no way to fix this.

But I'm also using the mod Sarah Morgan: New Custom Appearance by SpartenRedTeam092 and it seems to work every time.  Sarah is never bald.

Note both of these mods I'm running through Creations.  Nothing manually installed. (Yes, I've gotten lazy)

So I asked Skully if they knew how the other mod was able to work and theirs wasn't.  They said they didn't know how other modders got that to work.  And I thought to myself, "If only I knew some modders who could help figure this out for Skully".




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