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Zero issues with NG so far.


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So I've used this patch religiously since release on many, many play throughs. I'm currently using it with 45 other mods with the latest NG patch and have had zero issues or crashes or studders in the 40+ hours I've been on this save. I was expecting more problems with what mods I'm using, but the game is running the best I've seen in years. Amazingly SS2 hasn't bugged out at all which was hard not to do pre-NG let alone after. Figured I would put my 2 caps worth in after seeing a ton of conflicting statements about the unofficial patch and NG.

My system specs:

Intel i7-11700k

Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti

Gigabyte Z570 Master

64GB Ram Corsair Vengeance

Samsung 2TB M.2 OS/Samsung 4TB M.2 Gaming

Win 11 23H2

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You probably wouldn't notice the issue in normal play on a system like that. It took a very extreme example from Glitchfinder to bring out the problem on PC.

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