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Question - Why is LukowskisPottedMeatEmpty "Empty Can" [MISC:0016D8C9] renamed?


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I was patching Workshop Rearranged, and saw that UFO4P renames LukowskisPottedMeatEmpty "Empty Can" [MISC:0016D8C9] with model SetDressing\FoodAndFoodWare\LongneckCans_empty.nif to "Empty Aluminum Tray". That seems wrong to me. Is it not a can?

The LukowskisPottedMeat "Potted Meat" [ALCH:0016D8C8] uses the model SetDressing\FoodAndFoodWare\LongneckCans.nif. Even if it is a flat horizontal can, like a sardine tin, I'd still consider it a can, and not a tray. And it should scrap to steel, not aluminum, like other tin cans. The characteristics of the can from the wiki (https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Potted_meat) say it is "A small can made of tin."

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Ah, your change was based on Issue #32684, but again, looking at the original potted meat and wiki, it is a small tin can. So both 16D8CA and 16D8C9  should be named as cans instead of trays, and should have components of steel instead of aluminum. It's also a "small tin can", so probably only 1 steel as a scrap result.

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